Hidden Gems

Join Akilah Muhammad and I as we dive into our faith and life before walking with Jesus. The obstacles that she has come converting her faith and now teaching others to share every aspect of their lives with Jesus. Akilah is a Mind, Body and Life Strategist and Certified Fitness Expert.

Jesus Wants You Well

Jesus didn't die on the cross at cavalry so we could walk through life struggling. Join Jen as she walks through part of her story as the Lord starting challenging all her beliefs.

Healing The Nervous System and Anxiety

Do you experience anxiety, overwhelm, or have dificulty switching it off?
Gut Health irregularity like bloating, pain, or allergy sensitivities?
Chronic pain, migraines, frequent insomnia, chronic fatigue?
Auto-immune issues, or constantly sick or have trouble regulating body temperature?
Elevated heart rate, racing thoughts?
Struggle to lose weight or stick to an exercise routine?
Learning to regulate your nervous system can have such a profound impact on your body, and help your body slide into parasympathetic mode which is where the body has the ability to rest, digest and HEAL.
Listen in this episode where we scratch the surface on the nervous system and healing.
Want to learn more? Join us Sept 8th for the Intro to Healing Your Nervous System Virtual Class. 

Life Hacking Mama with Rachel Jimenez

Join Rachel and I as we chat entreprenuership and motherhood. Rachel is a master at money hacks, time hacks and just all around making a difference!
You can find her and take her personality quiz at Optimizer Quiz - Money Hacking Mama

Freedom In Your Body

What does it mean to have Freedom in your Body?

Jen dives deep into her own story and how the Lord has walked her through her own healing. How she didn't even realize how deeply disconnected she was until the Lord started walking through her own healing journey.

Want to get started on your own healing journey? Join Jen and the Exalted Health Team on August 17th for the Body Image Revival MasterClass.

Jesus AND Business

Join Ursula Mentjes as we talk about the massive shifts that she had to make during the pandemic and how much it took to step out in faith away from everything that she knew. Ursula is an expert business coach and five time best selling author, and an award winning entrepreneur. If you are struggling with being stuck, Ursula is a master at helping you break through!
You can find her here: www.ursulainc.co and get access to her FREE MASTERCLASS

Journeying Through Grief

My first episode back after the passing of my dad. I walk through a little bit of my grief process, and allow Jesus to lead the way through every single step

The Bless your Body Challenge www.exaltedhealth.com

Renew Hope

Meet Chad, the director of Renew Hope in Minnesota. They are changing the area of supporting survivors who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. They provide after care, job counseling and teach women how to build a life that they are proud of. MOST women return to the sex trade even after they have been rescused because they don't have the skills or know anything else. Renew Hope is changing that! 

Healing the Racial Divide

Join Yvette and I as we have a deep and meaningful conversation about the real problem of racial divide in our country, specifically in our state of Minnesota. After the riots in 2020, so many things came to a head. Yvette is an absolute expert on handling this topic with love and grace. Her goal is to walk through these painful conversations to bring awareness, healing and love to all who listen. 

Empowered in your Mental Health

Meet my friend Bewindi Bobb, she is a firecracker for the Lord and a complete expert in Mental Health. Starting her own pratice during covid to have more control and impact in the mental health space, she shares her heart for helping others and for the Lord. Do not miss this episode. 

ALL THINGS Hope, Health and Healing

Join Dr. Brad and I as we take a deep dive into healing, and how the whole spirit, soul and body is affected. Dr. Brad and his wife Dr. Kristen have been my personal doctors for years and are two of the most knowledgeable people I know in the health of the body. 

Beat Cancer With Me

My friend Owen is in the midst of what the doctors say is a terminal form of cancer. However, Owen has other ideas. He has sought out alternative treatments and digging DEEP into his faith and has ZERO doubt that he will outlive the disease. An interview you do not want to miss. 

From Inmate to Entrepreneur

Bobby had a rough start in life, which lead to some bad decisions. He should still be in jail, but God intervened. You have to hear this story! 

Let Your Faith Rise Up

Linda gets real about the struggles she has walked through, and how it has empowered her faith not weakened it. God is always preparing us for the next season. 

Crazy God Story

Meet my friend Chris Randall. I interviewed him on the podcast and the Lord is surely using him mightily. Chris went from barely walking with the Lord (his words) to owning a non-profit body shop where he fixed anyones car for free and no one ever paid a bill and the Lord provided everything he needed. The Lord continues to do BIG things through him. Listed in. 

Time Turn Slow

Meet my friend Mikalah, as she releases her amazing new song Time Turn Slow. It is hauntingly beautiful, and she shares the process of composing a song like this. 

The Power of Blessing

Join me this week as I dive deep into the incredible book, The Power of Blessing and the author Kerry Kirkwood. I also invite guest co-host Sara Ofstead into the lively discussion. This book has forever changed my prayer life and the words that which I use. 

Redeemed, Healed and Whole

A few months ago I witnessed my friend Morgan get healed from a lifelong battle with chronic health issues. Just a beautiful encounter with Jesus and her life was FOREVER changed.

I have also battled chronic health issues for years, and I celebrated with her for her miracle AND also share how I deal with the emotions of continuing to wait on mine.

Ending the War on Women Hating their Bodies

I woke up this morning to an inbox and newsfeed full of messaging and ads of how to get quick weight loss. I used to subscribe to this notion too, and it left me in a vicious cycle of always trying to make my body "good enough"
A few years ago the Lord started to speak to me about how I spoke to myself, and everything changed. I started to see my body how the Lord made it, and he doesn't make mistakes.

Do not misunderstand me, I am still incredibly passionate about health and taking care of my body. Now it comes from a place of GRACE and LOVE.
Season 2 of my podcast is live today, and if any part of this resonates with you I invite you to listen in. I invite you to enter this season when everyone is trying to "fix themselves" to instead lean into what it could look like if the messaging is different. 

Leaning Into Your Purpose; With God

Meet Sara Bunge the regional partner for Minnesota with Master Networks and the director of trainer and development. Her journey has taken her from Minnesota to Texas and back again, with God Sara has stepped outside of her comfort zone to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs.  

Faith Can Move Mountains

Micheal Tritthart is Head Coach at Master Networks Training program, The One thing instructor, an entrepreneur and a follower of Jesus. Hear his story of how following his faith allowed him to make BIG moves in his career, and his family. When you follow God's call on your life, anything can happen. 

Faith and Gather

Erica Dvorak is the founder of Faith & Gather, a lifestyle content platform that provides a safe, encouraging space for Christian women to build community, confidence and feel supported in all areas of their life. She is also the host of the Faith Inspired Podcast by Faith & Gather, a podcast that leaves listeners faith-inspired to tackle every area of life armed with the knowledge to fight their everyday battles. Erica is a mother to a toddler full of energy and a wife to a man who is nothing short of a gift. Her passion and purpose in life are to inspire hope and courage in others through her faith in Jesus Christ.

Hope for the Single Mama

Melissa is a single mom of 3. An entrepreneur for 11 years, and she has found her passion in telling her story knowing there are so many others experiencing the same successes and struggles. She believes their is power in solidarity and nobody should feel alone in their challenges. She is multi-passionate entrepreneur. A Pinterest expert, podcast host and mortar business owner.

Saved, Healed, Delivered

Dawna is the founder and co-leader of Bethel Sozo Ministry, the inner healing and deliverance ministry of Bethel Church. Dawna travels internationally empowering and equipping the church to walk in freedom and wholeness of body, soul and spirit.  

Heartbreak in the Foster System

Here Cadey's heartwrenching story of the experience they had with foster care, loving outside of yourself, and learning to see people like Jesus does. You'll want to bring your kleenex for this episde. 

On the move in Argentina…

Becky Babcock is the leader of the Super Natural School of Extreme Formation in Argentina. What once felt like she was failing at missions, was just a re-direction from God. Now he is moving mightily. 

Up and Downs with Grace

Listen in as Pastor Alan shares his journey of pastorhood, hope and the ups and downs of life and how to handle it all with grace. 

The Bible Comes Alive

In this episode I sit down with Maggie Williams as she shares her journey of how the Lord brought the Bible alive for her! Many of us struggle to really understand the stories of the Bible but Maggie brings them alive with her fresh perspective! 

God is in the Prisons

Through a series of divine events Dave found himself be the Hope and Light in some of the darkest places. Listen in as he shares how these prisoners encourage him as much as he encourages them. 

Turned On to the Kingdom

In this interview we got real about David’s faith journey, and their walk while doing Kingdom work. You don’t want to miss this episode with David Norrie and Angelike Norrie. 

The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety

I have known Kristen Hirsch for years and we have bonded over our struggle with anxiety. This past year I have watched her completely transform and share her gifts with the world and just had to bring you her story.

Hope Through Adoption

Years ago I watched my friend Joy go through one of the most heartbreaking adoption processes that I have ever seen. Through it all I watched her remain steadfast in her faith that these children were her babies. Listen in as Joy shares Hope through Adoption, and changed so many lives forever in the process.

God is on the Move!

Joel Bomberger has an incredible heart for the Lord, and has continued to follow the calls that have been placed on his life. His energy is contagious, it is impossible to be around Joel and not be in a good mood. Listen in as he shares about the incredible mission God has him on, and all the lives that are being saved in the process. 

Pillars of Body Image Revival

No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other, you will be devoted to and one and despise the other. Matthew 6:24 

The Faith Filled Entrepreneur

Chas Wilson works with entrepreneurs on a local level, educating and equipping them, and empowering them with the tools they need so leave a legacy beyond the business.

Fertility with God

For years Brooke and Kenny were on a journey of trying to make a family, and it just quite never went their way. Through this journey Brooke has inspired 1000's with her story of becoming a family of 3.

Rise Up Against Trafficking

Matt Osborne has been fighting the crime of human trafficking in some form since 2006. He currently serves as the Deputy Director of International Operations for Operation Underground Railroad. Before joining O.U.R., Osborne served a 12-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency and US Department of State, where he worked issues related to terrorism against the homeland, illegal narcotics, organized crime, and human trafficking. He regularly provided secrets and analysis to US Presidents, senior cabinet officials, and the National Security Council.

Hope in the Wake of Grief

Meet Brian David Muller, the husband of my late friend Amie Dahl Muller. When she passed a few years ago it was devastating to the entire Minnesota National Guard community, and of course to her family. Listen in as I interview Brian and he shares how he has fueled his healing to honor her legacy and has processed his pain (and that of his children) through music.

Microschool: Hope for Families struggling with Education

Amy Marotz, M.Ed, is the Director and Lead Educator-Guide of Awakening Spirit Homeschool Collaborative in Stillwater, Minnesota. They are a Christian, holistic, nature-based microschool that takes families with overwhelmed highly sensitive children and helps them reignite a love of learning in three months or less.

Pro-Choice to Pro-Life

Listen in while Deanna shares her heart wrenching story of how her life was impacted by abortion. But when Jesus steps in, life changes forever. 

From Bedridden to Hope Dealer

Rebecca spent all of her childhood dealing with auto-immune, rarely leaving her house or participating in regular kid like things. Then one day God shows up and changes the course of her entire life, (and many others). Rebecca now travels the world sharing her encounter and the miracle she experienced. 

The Global Generation with Matt Nylin

The Lord is moving in Generation Z. He has called this generation to rise up with a brand new annointing, and he has called incredible people to be their shepards during these critical youth stages. Meet Pastor Matt Nylin who has such a heart and calling to minister to this generation specifically, and the Lord is ON THE MOVE.

Celebrating 20 years cancer free

20 years ago I almost lost my life to cancer. The diagnosis was so grim, and our God is so much bigger. For the first time in a public setting I am sharing my story of my cancer journey which started my journey into the health and healing space. 

The Heart of Exalted Health 

Exalted Health was created out of God's calling to take on the Body Image Dysfunction that is on our nation. Specifically females, it's so normal to HATE your body. We are not created from a hateful being but from a God that loves us and created us in His own Image. We are hear to END the War on women hating thier bodies. We want body image revival! 

Hope behind Anxiety 

Join Bethany and I as she gets real about post pardum struggles, and how that really helped shape her into the parent she is today. She then channeled those struggles into her best selling fiction book Called Upon that has been striking hearts across the nation. 
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