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This Six-Module Course Includes:

  • Grace and joy as you embark on this spiritually healing journey
  • Audio files from Jen that include prayer, scripture and inspiration
  • A video that includes the main points and purpose of the upcoming module
  • Heartwork. A journal exercise for each module that includes a 30-minute morning ritual
  • A journal for each module that includes the personal exercises that will spiritually heal
  • Then this course is for you! Become spiritually free by being completely true to yourself and connected to Christ all while walking firmly in the direction you’re truly intended to go.

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This 7- Mocule Cournce includes:

Step by Step weekly instructions to improve your gut health and microbiome.
Build your understanding of body inflammation and gut health.
Instructional videos that will keep you and your body on track.
Signs that you might have inflammation in your body:

Achy or swollen joints
Food intolerances (especially when they appear out of nowhere)
Unexplained skin conditions
Auto-immune issues of any kind
If these things sound familiar, then this course is for you!
Not sure if you have gut health issues? Take our free quiz.

Gluten And Dairy Free Cookbook

When Jen and Austin went gluten- and dairy-free 5 years ago,

she went to work to recreate her families favorite recipes.

She has put the all together in this downloadable cookbook

where you too can gain insight to simple and healthy recipes!

Healing your Gut

Want to learn how to take care of your gut microbiome and what
causes it to fall out of homeostasis? This e-book is for you.

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